Road Trip Paranormal

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The Faces Behind RTP


Investigator / "The Grunt"
Codey began his journey with RTP in late 2014 when he and his father Roth helped get ELP into a duplex where a family had been terrorized by something they couldn't explain. That night he captured a shadow moving along a hallway with his camera after hearing what sounded like movement down that direction. Since then he has jumped at the chance to help ELP with their investigations...when not in school. Team members take advantage of Codey's energy and youth and allow him to be "The Grunt" in carrying equipment and running the gear from spot to spot. We're excited to have him on board and to see where further training will lead him. 


Investigator / Western Kansas Outreach
Renee grew up with her brother Leo experiencing their own paranormal activity in the Dodge City area, where she lives today. She joined up with ELP in early 2010 at an investigation of a salon in Wichita. She became a full on member of ELP since that night. Known for her laughter and always having Twizzlers for investigations, Renee has been present during some intense moments of ELP investigations like having a huge rock thrown at her and another individual in a basement in Wilson, KS. As our Western teammate, she tries to help be a contact for those further away from Wichita who needs help with any paranormal activity.


Founder of
Everyday-Legacy Paranormal
Co-founder of Road Trip Paranormal
Jeremiah has a long background in the field of the paranormal. After buying an old house in Anthony, KS with the plan to remodel the late 1800's home, activity began to catch his attention. As time went on and the strange activity grew, he developed a team to investigate his home. Soon, the home became known as the "Project House" as the team began testing knew theories and ways to investigate. They began to witness full body apparitions of an old man and children with red hair. It is in this house that the team caught on video the "creature" in the open rafters. This was the birth of Everyday-Legacy Paranormal. Soon after as a side team, Jeremiah joined forces with Brandon Callahan and formed Road Trip Paranormal in which together they hit the road to find new destinations. While doing this they were able to find amazing locations that the teams are still investigating and researching today. Jeremiah has stepped down a bit with the teams, focusing more on investigating and research than running the teams. He has let Leo and Jason take those roles. His knowledge of this field continues to benefit not only the team, but our clients as well. Jeremiah is also Co-Creator of our podcast show Cryptic Heartland.