Road Trip Paranormal

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The faces behind RTP


Owner / Chief Executive of RTP
Lead Investigator of ELP

Jason became interested in the paranormal at a young age, reading as much as he could. In 2009, after investigating Glore Psychiatric Museum, he got in in touch with Ghost Tours of Kansas and soon became their only tour guide for the Wichita Ghost Tour. That same year he joined Everyday-Legacy Paranormal and has been investigating the paranormal ever since. In 2014 he took ownership of Road Trip Paranormal making it into a public team, doing tours, public speaking and inviting the public to come along for their own chances of an encounter. But, he couldn't have done it with out the hard work of his team! Leo and Jason have always had a dream of creating a unique team that could do not just investigations, but going as far into the field of the paranormal as they could.Today Jason isn't only the owner of Road Trip Paranormal, he is an investigator of Everyday-Legacy Paranormal with Leo and Bigfooting Kansas with Brendon. Jason is Co-Creator of our podcast show Cryptic Heartland,


Case Manager / Investigator
Roth has been interested in the paranormal for most of his life, especially after having his own experiences. Contacting Jason after hearing about a public investigation in downtown Wichita at a heavily documented haunted location, he was hooked. Joining Everyday-Legacy Paranormal shortly after the public event, he has been investigating ever since. Joining RTP in 2014 with Jason to work with the public and help educate others of the paranormal as well as getting to know all the new people we meet. In 2016 he became case manger of both teams, helping to take both teams in the right direction. Roth is your go to guy to set up any case or event that comes our way. He has been a key figure in getting both sides of the team into locations and building a strong trust with all our clients, becoming an important link between ELP and RTP.


Investigator / Lead Researcher / Tour Guide
Michelle has long been interested in the paranormal as well as different myths, lore and legends from all over. Meeting Jason in 2012, she went on a public investigation being held at the time by Everyday-Legacy Paranormal in downtown Wichita. After that evening, she became more interested in investigating and learning more about what the team did and soon became a team member. In 2014, with her love for history, she joined forces with Jason on RTP to research the history of Wichita and around the state. Today she helps out on the Ghost Tours of Kansas - Wichita Ghost Tours with Jason, always adding more stories from the past. Michelle continues to be an investigator with Everyday-Legacy Paranormal to gain more experience in the field. She has been witness of some key moments while investigating, helping to add credit to our evidence. Michelle also speaks up to add advice to the team, while watching over us like family,

The faces behind RTP


Investigator / Researcher / Skeptic
Paula has had an interest in the paranormal, but with a bit of skepticism. For her, it's more the seeing is believing when it come to ghosts. Learning about the Wichita Ghost Tour, she went along with her mother to talk with Jason about the different hauntings around town. Then after going to a public investigation with Everyday-Legacy, she became an investigator determined to find an answer for a haunting other than it being spirits. After having her own experiences while investigating, she joined Jason with RTP and ELP to help with the tours and continue investigating. She even helps out with telling some of the stories herself as a part-time tour guide.


Executive Director of Everyday-Legacy Paranormal
Leo began heading into the paranormal early in his life after witnessing his own activity. Learning as much as he could from reading and documentaries, he joined Everyday-Legacy Paranormal early 2010. Instantly becoming a key figure on the team, he was given Tech Lead, and was in control of all the team's equipment including all evidence collected. His ability to catch specific audio evidence has been unreal, but each piece of evidence caught is proved by everyone's personal experience at those moments. In 2014 Leo took over as Executive Director of Everyday-Legacy Paranormal and joined forces with Jason and RTP. Together both teams are going above and beyond to help those dealing with the unknown while spreading our knowledge and hard work to bring more of an understanding to the public. Leo is also Co-Creator of our podcast show Cryptic Heartland.  


Owner / Chief Executive of Bigfooting Kansas
Everyday-Legacy Paranormal Lead
Brendan has been dealing and working in the field of the paranormal for a long time, longer than most of us. He started his own team several years ago investigating several locations in and around the Wichita area. He joined Everyday-Legacy Paranormal, leading in development of team design and structure of proper investigating. While ELP was involved in a very dark investigation in Oklahoma, the team encountered something other than a haunting...something bigger, that growled and left behind huge prints. From that day forward Brendan has focused on Sasquatch. Soon he developed Bigfooting Kansas and has already done amazing field research, developing a growing amount of evidence for the search of this unknown creature. In 2016 he joined forces with Jason and RTP in the search of all things weird...and to find the truth.