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Have you ever wanted to join in on a REAL paranormal investigation or take a Ghost Tour in a haunted location? Then we here at Road Trip Paranormal have what you are looking for! The team was re-formed in 2014 joining forces with Everyday-Legacy Paranormal, Bigfooting Kansas, and Ghost Tours of Kansas so that we could combine investigating and tours with the public. RTP is traveling the state of Kansas and currently working with the cities of Wichita, Dodge City, Wilson, Ness City, and Oberlin to bring full on investigative studies of the paranormal in certain locations of these cities as the public joins in on the fun! We are on most social medias and we will announce all upcoming events as dates are set!

Road Trip Paranormal and Everyday-Legacy have been together for several years and are even part of a 2016 book called: THE AGONY THAT REMAINS - written by friend and fellow paranormal investigator Brandon Callahan.

We also have our own podcast called: CRYPTIC HEARTLAND - which is streamed LIVE on YouTube and FACEBOOOK every Sunday evening at 7pm-9pm CST. It is a show where we talk about everything paranormal and weird, basically nothing is too off topic for us!! Listen in or you can even call in and be a part of the show!

Take a look around and meet our team and contact us anytime!

Wichita Ghost Tour

One of the haunted stops! Our tours follow the history of Wichita's Old West days to today. Get tickets for the Wichita Ghost Tour at

Haunted Public Events

Currently we are offering public paranormal investigations and historical tours in Dodge City, Wilson, Ness City, Oberlin, Wichita, Topeka, and many more coming!!

Our Teams

We are Road Trip Paranormal, Everyday-Legacy Paranormal and Bigfooting Kansas all in one. Each side taking on different tasks from private investigations, public events to the exploration of cryptic creatures!